About Me

My Passion for Travel

Learning about the world has always been a fascination of mine. Amazing landscapes, man made and natural sights, and each culture has its own unique traditions and characteristics. As early as high school I vowed I would travel to a new place every year of my life. My passion was to experience the world. I have lived that dream, planned trips for my family and traveled extensively. To this day I devour documentaries, movies, novels that feature travel, pore over maps, other blogs, and listen avidly to every trip anyone I meet has stories about.  I didn’t follow travel as a career until late in life. My 35+ year career was not in travel, it was in organizational development in various industries. Like a lot of people my age, I started doing a lot of thinking about what I am really passionate about and of course came back to travel. Pair my passion for travel with my work in organizational development and you get amazingly planned trips with clear vision about the end result.   In 2013 I decided to follow my passion and start a small business focused on helping people plan travel.

Lorraine Whittemore cruising the Danube.

The Evolution

Over the last 4 years I’ve planned hundreds of vacations for individuals, families and group trips, small and large. But what drives me, what constantly catches my interest, makes me drop what I am doing and divert my attention, are special fascinating places and events. I’ll be planning a trip to Italy for example and through researching excursions for a wonderful couple I am working with I’ll discover this amazing building or train ride or region with some delicious wine or traditional dish and I am off thinking, wow, I want to go there! Luckily, I’m a very focused individual so I can get back to work planning a perfect trip for my clients, but that “thing” I discovered starts percolating and I start telling people about it, reading, planning and now I want to figure out how to get there! This process has convened small groups and opened doors to work with small, local, tour companies who can help us gain this experience. The groups then start talking about the places that are a burning passion for them and we convene another trip. Hence, the evolution from travel agent to small group tour organizer and custom tour designer. I’m absolutely in heaven with this niche! Not only do I get to research and learn about these amazing places, but I meet and travel with incredible like minded people.

Travel With Me

OK, excuse the seemingly canned marketing terms, but I have agonized over how to describe what it is I work to create in the tours I organize. Here goes, we’ll experience destinations and activities that make life changing memories. We’ll see things that leave you speechless. You’ll meet people who become life long friends. You’ll travel with tour companies who work to leave no trace, to sustain a local community, where you can make even a small dent, in helping local people or the environment. Even if you just want to travel with your own small group or your family, if you want these types of experiences, work with me to help you plan them. I spend 100% of my time digging deep into what you really get from a tour company, networking and meeting local tour leaders, figuring out enough of the details so that I can match what you want to the right provider. There’s a lot out there to choose from and it isn’t your business to do all that research, it’s mine and I would love to help you out! Not only that but I’ll deliver expert travel advice and experience, attention to detail, and relentless follow through to ensure you the optimal vacation adventure!

I can’t wait to work with you and maybe travel together one day,




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