Destination Azores

When I mention traveling to the Azores, I often get the question, “Where’s that?” Well let me tell you a bit about it!

Some people refer to the Azores, a 9 volcanic island archipelago off the coast of Portugal, as the Hawaii of the Atlantic. The Azores is rich with dramatic green slopes of calderas and magnificent landscapes, blue surface lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, and amazing sea life with marine reserves.

Here are some basic facts:

  • The climate is mild, due to the Gulf Stream. Temperatures range 61 to 77 degrees pretty much year round. It can be misty and cloudy at times.
  • The main island is São Miguel and the main city Ponta Delgada.
  • Festivals and holidays revolve around religious traditions, as most of the population is Roman

  • Carnaval, in February, is as you would expect, parades, colorful masks and costumes, with lots of music and fun. Bull fighting and running of the bulls are traditions.
  • Currency is Euro and pricing is very moderate.

  • Families, couples, friends, will find a fantastic getaway in the Azores. From biking and hiking, to canyoning, scuba diving and whale watching, or just soaking in a hot spring, there is a lot do do in the Azores!
  • Whether you explore the main island or island hop, it is a fantastic vacation destination.


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