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We specialize in planning travel that will deliver profound experiences and amazing adventures. We help you connect to a destination in a deep way. Wherever you go, we will suggest and advise you about ways to immerse yourself in the local culture, customs and natural surroundings. You may join one of our already designed small group adventure tours, create your own group’s adventure, or we will plan a custom trip just the way you want. Pursue your travel adventure!


Travel to places that leave you speechless! Explore the world in a way that leaves you with profound experiences and life long memories. Every trip should add a piece to your personal story, enhancing your view of the world, your world and yourself.

Our Services

Adventure Travel

Like a bit of adventure when you travel? Join one of our small group adventure tours or let us match you with the perfect tour to suit your adventurous spirit. Our small group adventure travel tours are “soft” adventure. Trekking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, zip lining, we integrate the perfect amount of challenge with learning about local people, their traditions and history. We get ‘down and dirty’ on the back roads. We don’t just view the sights we build tours or recommend tours that help you get immersed in the destination. Our tours typically end in a bit of luxury so you can wash off the dirt and luxuriate in a beautiful space before returning home. We carefully screen for like minded travelers or any age. Come join one of our adventure travel tours!

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Yoga vacation in Belize

Group Travel

Are you a leader of a group that wants to travel together? Perhaps you are a yoga teacher or wellness coach wanting to create a spiritual and unique travel experience for your students. Maybe your family elected you to coordinate a family reunion vacation. Are you a dance instructor or language teacher wanting to expose your students to the destination they are learning about. Planning a group trip can be time consuming, logistically complex and requires experienced negotiation. Why do this yourself? We would love to help your group travel together! We will provide ideas on destinations and activities that match your group’s interests. We will negotiate with the providers in the destination to be sure you get the best options and extras to meet your budget. We bring you expertise and knowledge. We have planned private island retreats, cruise vacations, trekking and camping trips, etc. all around the world. Not only will we plan the trip in the destination, but we will also provide you with easy to use web links so your group can learn about the trip and register simply and easily. We will even travel with you if you want someone onsite to deal with any issues the group may encounter. Call the experts and save yourself the hassles of planning a group trip. You will be the hero and have a lot more fun!

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River cruise ship Danube, Budapest

River Cruises

Dreaming of a river cruise? You may not be aware of all the river cruise options available to you. Although the itineraries are similar, the cruise lines are diverse. We are experts in matching your interests, travel requirements, and budget to the best river cruise line and itinerary. It doesn’t cost more to book through us than to book on your own and with our guidance you will get a non biased explanation of all of your options. Being a Cruise Planner franchise, we are educated, on top of current promotions, and connected to the cruise lines to ensure you get the best possible river cruise vacation. Picture floating down the river in a 5 star hotel! Just step off the ship into small towns and villages, enjoying local people and flavors, learning first hand from local tour guides and relaxing on the sun deck, enjoying the beauty and activity of life on the major rivers of Europe and throughout the world. Let us help you PlanUrEscape on a river cruise!

Reading France roadmap

Custom Itineraries

Sometimes you just want to go it alone, navigate through new places, adventure, determine how long you want to stay in a particular place, make changes on the fly. If this is what you are looking for on your next trip then you need a custom itinerary. Planning a custom trip can take hours of research, logistics coordination, and expertise. One piece of advice, “You don’t know what you don’t know!” Spend your research hours learning about the destination itself and choosing the places you don’t want to miss. Let us figure out the logistics! With thousands of hotel, transportation, and tour options, it is hard to know which to choose. This is our profession and we spend all day, every day, building perfect vacations for our wonderful clients. We know which hotels are in the best location for what you want to explore. We know whether it is best to take a train, taxi, or fly. We know the best dependable expert local tour guides. We will do all the logistical legwork and provide you with an easy to follow itinerary. We will make sure you have all the documents you need to travel. Spare time is a valuable commodity these days. With our planning help, you can focus your time on the destination itself, getting excited about specific things you will see and do. We like to say, “We Plan, You Play!” Let us help you PlanUrEscape anywhere in the world!

Cruise & Resort Vacations

In our crazy, hectic world, sometimes just laying on the beach, by the pool or leisurely exploring different ports is just what the doctor ordered. As a Cruise Planner franchise owner, we bring you expert travel planning with exclusive industry relationships, buying power and knowledge. Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, is the nation’s largest home-based travel agent franchise network. There is no extra cost to partner with us to plan your next cruise or resort vacation. Why plan yourself? We will match your travel goals to the best resorts and cruise itineraries. We will ensure you take advantage of any promotional specials. There may be an opportunity to enhance your trip with Cruise Planner’s exclusive offers. You will get the best value, expertise and service from our team. We will check you in, prepare your documents, and be there if you need us while traveling. Try and get this level of service booking direct or online. We look forward to helping you, your family and friends plan the perfect vacation!

Excursions and Activities

Already booked a trip and looking for some fun excursions and activities? Enjoy exploring here!

Going to Rome and want Skip the Line, early access to the Vatican? Going to Iceland and want to make sure you spend some time soaking in the Blue Lagoon? Taking a trip out west and want to do some exploring on horseback? Don’t forget to plan those optional activities while you are traveling. Do it from home so you don’t have to hassle with these decisions, finding the right vendor, etc. and can have more fun on your trip. It is especially important for popular activities, like the Eiffel Tower, Vatican, Neuschwanstein castle, etc. to BOOK AHEAD! You may miss these amazing places if you wait until you get there. Or, you may end up spending a lot of your vacation waiting in line. 

Feel free to book online and we will make sure your choices are added to your trip itinerary or that you receive the travel documents you need.

Please Note – Flights offered as part of a packaged trip will be provided as part of our service. We do not provide flight bookings as a stand alone service.

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Our Team

Lorraine Whittemore on Safari Tanzania

Lorraine Whittemore

Travel is my passion! I just can’t get enough. I am a fairly adventurous traveler and although I am experienced in planning all types of travel, I have focused my niche in this direction. I love to travel with small groups and deeply explore the destination. I want to be in the destination long enough to speak a bit of the language, maybe frequent the same cafe for a few days, and feel part of the local life. I love trekking because you get close not just to the people, but the land and traditions. After spending over 35 years in leadership in the call center service and hospital quality management, I truly understand what it takes to go the extra mile, how important my clients are, and how to manage and grow a small business. I am excited to work with you to help you plan your next adventure, traveling anywhere in the world! I can’t wait to meet you, even if it just in a virtual way! Let’s plan your next trip together!

Contact at 860-779-6531 or

Tod Whittemore

Tod is Lorraine’s partner in crime in life as well as in the travel business. He is the backbone, keeping track of the details like IT support, billing, guiding tours, and helping at shows and events. You might hear from Tod on clarifying trip details, helping you when you need to make a payment, covering the office when Lorraine is traveling. Tod brings a wealth of resources, skills and a steady calm to the hard working, always busy travel team.

Contact at 520-603-1099 or

Patricia (Pat) Mann

Owning her own horse farm, training riders and horses, and competing herself, Pat brings a wealth of organization, diligence and incredible service to her clients. Loving travel and wanting to expand her horizons to adventurous travel throughout the world is a dream Pat is pursuing. The confidence, attention to detail, and desire to provide the best that is required in working with horses and the people who own them, will give you the perfectly planned trip every time! Pat plans all types of travel, anywhere in the world. She is particularly knowledgeable about horse related tours, day trips and adventures. Watch for some amazing small group tours that she has on the burner now and will announce soon. How’s pub crawling in Ireland on horseback sound? Can’t wait!

Contact at 401-639-8112 or

Tanya G Beckett

Tanya joined Plan Ur Escape in December of 2018 as a part-time Travel Advisor. She brings many years of travel planning experience.  During her 20+ years in her role as Executive Assistant at various organizations, she has organized business and personal travel for Senior Executives.  She is a certified Travel Insurance Specialist and holds designations for various cruise lines and hotel chains.  Tanya travels often throughout the United States and has also traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Aruba and Cuba.  She would love to share her experiences of what the sunset in Turks and Caicos looks like and how the warm sand feels between your toes.  She can describe what authentic jerk chicken tastes like in Jamaica and how spectacular the vintage car show is in Cuba.  Everyone has a “bucket list” of their dream vacations.  Let Tanya assist you in planning a vacation you will always remember.

Contact at 860-463-9680 or

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